Voyager Systems Closes $7.5 million in series A funding

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 22, 2002—Voyager Systems, Inc., an enterprise applications software provider specializing in secure data transmission services and wireless applications development, announced it has closed a $7.5 million Series A round of financing. Hamilton Apex Technology Ventures was the lead investor in the round, along with Forrest Binkley & Brown, the largest investor, Shepherd Ventures and GKM Ventures. The round was oversubscribed at $7.5 million, providing the company with significant capitalization beyond its original target of $6 million.

Voyager Systems plans to allocate a majority of the funding toward bolstering operations. This will include increasing the capacity of its customer fulfillment center and expanding sales and marketing staff to strengthen the company’s long-term position in the marketplace, according to CEO Christopher Maloney. With industry-leading products already fully developed and deployed, Voyager counts several Federal-level government agencies among its customers, including the Department of Transportation. Federal agents are currently using Voyager’s flagship product, Voyager Query™, in the investigation of the sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C. area.

“Voyager represents a rare combination these days in A-round software companies: strong management, strong channel relationships, strong customer relationships and contracts (representing at least 8,500 deployed units) well beyond the ‘beta’ phase, recurring revenue, and a developed, working product,” said Richard Crosby, Partner, Hamilton Apex Technology Ventures. “They are uniquely positioned to help public safety agencies, at the Federal, state, and local level, extend their capabilities in today’s post 9/11 environment.”

Homeland Security Initiative demands have helped drive Voyager Systems’ early acquisition of significant customer contracts. The company’s solutions were deployed by two prominent Federal law enforcement agencies at this year’s Superbowl and at the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Tracking software allows agents to check background information on suspicious individuals or situations, at anytime, from anywhere, via a handheld device and wireless network. Law enforcement officials can key in a driver’s license, a name or a license plate number, and within a matter of seconds learn if the person is wanted, if a vehicle in question is stolen, or even access a photo, among other information. Multiple Federal and state criminal justice databases are accessible via the system.

“To generate such enormous investment interest in the current economic environment is a tribute to the quality of the company,” said Tom Siegel, General Partner, Shepherd Ventures. “It is imperative for Federal, state and local law enforcement officials to equip themselves so they can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. We are excited to join with Voyager Systems in helping the public safety market, where Voyager has already established itself as the leader, and over time, look to meet needs in other markets that can benefit from the company’s industry-leading solutions.”

Maloney noted that while the company is focused on the public safety market, with strategic partners such as ChoicePoint and Motorola on board, Voyager plans to take its products and services beyond government agencies to industry sectors such as insurance, financial services and field services.

“Voyager Systems has proven itself among the competition in the wireless data services market, providing an elegant solution to a painful problem for field personnel. Its traction with customers, combined with a seasoned management team, points to success,” said John Morris, Managing Director, GKM Ventures.

The company’s board of directors includes investor representatives Chairman of the Board Richard Crosby, Partner, Hamilton Apex, Nicholas B. Binkley, General Partner, Forrest Binkley & Brown, John Morris, Partner, GKM Ventures, and Tom Siegel, General Partner, Shepherd Ventures, as well as board members John Eckert, Vice President of Engineering, TriTech Software Systems, and D. Sean McEwen, Founder and Former President/CEO, ISG. Advisory directors include Robert Ellsworth, Chairman, Hamilton Apex, and Oren G. Shaffer, Chief Financial Officer, Qwest.

About Voyager Systems, Inc.

Privately-held Voyager Systems, Inc. is an enterprise applications software provider specializing in secure data transmission services and wireless applications development. Its customers include Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Voyager’s flagship product, Voyager Query™, provides law enforcement personnel access to information in the course of field operations, quickly and securely, via a high-speed handheld device communicating over any wireless network. Voyager’s suite of products facilitates information access and enhances officer safety through its cost-effective, breakthrough technology. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information about Voyager Systems, visit the company’s website at