Repair of electrical wiring in the apartment

Mandatory part of the repair work in the apartment – replacement or installation of electrical cables, distribution boxes, electrical board. Competently selected electrical wiring diagram will protect the home from accidents and unforeseen situations. We will tell you what you need to consider when you replace or install an electrician yourself. Here you will learn how to make a diagram and distribute electrical points in one-, two- and three-room apartments. Taking into account our recommendations, you will learn how to make electrical repair new york.

Distinctive features of modern electrical wiring

Modern household technology at the end of the 20th century made a significant breakthrough. In addition to televisions, computers, security and video surveillance systems, powerful home appliances and wireless communications appeared in houses. As a result, wiring of electric cables became much more complicated, although the principles of the device have not changed. Difficulties begin with the very first stage – design. To competently draw up a wiring diagram in an apartment, you need to know in advance the approximate power of household appliances, their location. At the same time it is necessary to think over the lighting system in all rooms.

In addition to a large number of new devices, there is another difference: along with the power network is necessarily a low-current system that traditionally includes telephone and television wires, as well as computer, security, acoustic equipment and intercom. The number of devices and cables used at the same time has changed. While previously it was sufficient to install one chandelier in the hall, now many people use a lighting system that includes, in addition to the chandelier, spotlights and lighting. To increase the amount of technology we need to add more power – for this reason, the old cables no longer fit and the size of the electrical distribution board has increased significantly.

What is the wiring diagram for?

It turns out that the device of modern wiring of an electrician in an apartment is a real art that only a professional electrician can cope with. If you do not want to constantly change the finishing of the walls to disguise here and there appearing cables, we recommend before repairing the apartment or building a house to make a drawing with the designation of all significant objects related to electricity: sockets, switches, electric board, lighting fixtures.

Focusing on the requirements or wishes of the homeowner, the electrician draws up a schematic diagram of electrical wiring in the apartment. His task is to divide the cables into groups in order to distribute the load correctly, to think over the control and protection system and ultimately to do everything to guarantee safety and comfort. What do you need to take into account when drawing up the scheme, drawing, work plan, necessary for competent wiring?

Let’s consider the electric network from the point of view of making parts:

  • Automatic devices of the protection established in an electric board. Functioning of all home equipment and safety of users depends on their quality and competent installation.
  • Cables, wires with the correctly selected cross-section and good insulation.
  • Sockets and switches with quality contacts, safe housings.

In private homes, a mandatory element is the introduction machine and the power cable from it to the switchboard. With the help of a circuit breaker, they regulate the power consumption and, if necessary, cut off all electrical energy in the house. If you need a good repair of electrical wiring, you can find a cheap handyman service.