Voyager Query™ – Reports

As an End User, the individual will be able to access information on the queries that he/she (ONLY) has run. There are two ways to access these reports:

1. Run the Reports link from Voyager Query, workstation version.


2. Access the SECURE 128-bit encrypted REPORTS WEBSITE at:

NOTE: Replace “yourserver” with your Query Server’s IP address or Fully Qualified Domain name. If this information is not known, contact your system administrator or Voyager Support at 877.857.1100.

Use the SAME User Name and Password that you use to access Voyager Query.

After a successful login, the Main Page of the Reports will display. The End User is now able to view his/her activity using the system. Reports may be generated based on the type of query ran, the date and time that it was run, and/or a particular phrase within the results.

For example, the End User may want to view ALL QUERIES . . .

Between 08/01/2002 at 00:00 through 08/05/2002 at 23:59 and has the phrase “ABC123” contained in the results. Click the Submit Button.

The User Name appears in the first column, the device used in the second column, the date/time of the query in the third, and a hyperlink for the results of the query in the fourth. 

Clicking on any of the hyperlinks in the fourth column displays the results of that query.

Click on the BACK link to go back to the previous page or BACK TO MAIN to return to the main screen.

Right click on the result with the mouse to bring up the print option and print. .

This will allow the user to obtain a hardcopy of the record for any documentation purposes.

A sometimes-unknown feature of Voyager Query is it’s reporting capabilities. All activity generated by Query is stored for general reporting and auditing purposes. Each Query user has access to all activity she or he has generated. Additionally, the agency administrator has access to the records for all users. 

This document describes how users and administrators access these reports and the difference between the End User vs. Agency Administrator report functionality.

From an administrative point of view, the administrator will have all of the aforementioned functionality. However, the administrator will be able to view reports on ALL USERS, ALL DEVICES, and ALL QUERIES done within the agency.

The application has been already set up to recognize a particular user as either an End User or Agency Administrator. If the user is an Agency Administrator he/she will have two extra search options.

The first option is to select ALL USERS or any one particular user.

The administrator will also be able to select a particular device as well.

As a result, the Agency Administrator will be able to see all users, the devices, date/time, and results of those queries that operate within the agency.

We hope that you enjoy this new functionality. If there are any questions please feel free to contact our support line at 877.857.1100