Mobility Redefined

Raising the standard of mobile law enforcement technology

Voyager Systems, Inc. and ChoicePoint announce a fully integrated application that will revolutionize how you enforce the law. Now you can check criminal records, immediately access outstanding wants and warrants through local, state and federal criminal justice databases, verify the identity of subjects encountered in the field and display mug shots for positive identification.

The integrated power of Voyager Systems Voyager Query and ChoicePoint’s AutoTrackXP public records data runs on virtually any handheld device and wireless network to provide a portable, discreet and cost-effective alternative or complement to mobile computer terminals. Law enforcement in the field will never be the same.


CJIS-compliant infrastructure and AES/FIPS 140-2 end-to-end application encryption


Device and network neutral, including support for multiple devices within an agency


Tailored forms and menus, as well as configurable access to proprietary databases


Direct access to critical information from any location


Immediate information access without dispatcher involvement; 4 to 10 second average response time


No client infrastructure investment; low monthly subscription fee


24×7 Network Operations Center; plus robust support and fulfillment system, including over the air provisioning

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