How to make rubrics for Instagram

We all know that the basic rules of running Instagram are regular posting and a large number of followers. You can buy instagram followers, but users always want to see something new from you, because monotonous content quickly gets boring.

Besides, on Instagram it is important to be able to balance between different types of posts, to be funny, interesting, informative at the same time, and not to forget about your goals. A rubricator helps with all of this. Detailed rubrics for Instagram are a skeleton for a content plan and post ideas. By thinking about rubrics in advance, you can easily keep a schedule and a balance between the different areas of your posts. And importantly, you’ll stop puzzling over the topic of the next post.

What is a rubric?

A rubric is a preliminary breakdown of a future content plan into different rubrics. This is a kind of template, a matrix, which is easier to work with and to achieve the goals. Most often, a rubric is a table that lists rubrics, their goals and options for content. But it can take any form, as long as you were comfortable with it.

What we need rubrics for on Instagram

The rubricator is one of the key details in creating a competent strategy for promotion on Instagram. In fact it regulates your activity on your profile and answers the question what type of posts and how often you will publish, which in turn solves a lot of important issues for SMM:

  • adherence to the schedule of publications;
  • keeping a balance between different areas, topics and tasks;
  • planning in advance, so that at the last moment you won’t puzzle over the topic of the future publication;
  • the ability to conduct an analysis of topics relevant to subscribers, and work through pain points of the target audience.

The SMM rubricator is indispensable for a competent promotion on Instagram, because the content plan should contain various topics and in proportion to the goals of the profile.

What you need to consider when compiling rubrics 

Do not try to cover all the topics that seem interesting to you. Otherwise you will find it hard to manage your profile and your subscribers might get confused. At the same time, there shouldn’t be too few rubrics either, because then the account might seem boring or not very informative. Four well-designed, varied rubrics touching on the issues most relevant to your subscribers is optimal.

One topic can be raised in several rubrics. Content should be balanced, varied, and not overloaded. For example, if the account has too much selling content, users become annoyed with the active imposition of the product. At the same time, if there is too little selling content, the profile may fail to fulfill its commercial goals.

But this does not mean that all of the profile content should make up equal parts. Some may be more, some less. Some may come out every day, others once a week. You don’t have to assign rubrics to any particular day either. You can make a more elaborate plan of publications for several weeks ahead without a clear reference to the day. But such a plan is a little harder to keep track of. If you want your account to be more trustworthy, you should also look for the best company to buy instagram followers.