How to choose content to successfully promote your business on Instagram

When you promote your business on Instagram, the opinion about your product is formed by the content you post. Even if your product is simply gorgeous, but your photos are dim, mediocre, boring – you are unlikely to attract the attention of a wide range of users and get a lot of likes on Instagram. So let’s dwell on the question of how to do business on Instagram to stand out from the competition. First, you will need to make your profile more attractive. You can buy subscribers at to solve this problem.

You need to figure out what strategy other companies in your field are following. You need to know this at least to make your profile better. Competitors can be found through an internal search, or you can find them through your favorite search engines by adding the word Instagram to your query. For example, “legal services instagram”.

Study your competitors’ accounts, highlighting for yourself their positive and negative points. Do not copy outright the profiles of other users, be sure to “spice things up”. A content plan will help you maintain your profile. Here you can define for yourself a strategy of action, it helps a lot to adjust the business account in Instagram in the right direction. Let’s break down the types of content that exist.

Types of content

  1. Educational. Add posts that cover something in your field that the average person doesn’t know about. For example, if you have a clothing store, tell users about color combinations, new fashions and types of hats. You can also add instructional publications that will help to use your product properly.
  2. Entertaining. Funny pictures will be appreciated by all users, try to look for or create content that is related to your field of activity. Hold games-contests-quizzes that do not require much effort, this will ensure greater engagement.
  3. Reputation. Here you can tell your users about your company, your way of formation, your goals and philosophy. You can share what motivates you, makes you move forward. You can also show behind the scenes of your work, a little humor wouldn’t hurt. You should also publish proof of the success of your company and employees offline, diplomas, certificates, certificates, participation in major events.
  4. Selling. The most desirable for all businessmen, but it is not recommended to spend too much time with it. If your feed will be replete only with offers (albeit profitable) a variety of products, then your account will not cause interest among users. When you have a large assortment of products, then work on the development of the brand as a whole, try to promote no more than one product per week.

With the existing topics decided, but you can combine several categories to create interesting and informative content. For example, if you sell cosmetics for care, then tell about the basic rules, recommend suitable products from your range. You get a great mix of educational and sales content. If you want to get the attention of new visitors right away, we recommend you buy instagram followers paypal.

Don’t forget that you can add several different types of content to Instagram: images, videos, stories – you have to cover all formats in your activity. Stories are located at the top of the page, so they have a lot of advantages. You can add both photos and videos, hold contests, polls and votes here. IGtv can be used to cover educational, reputation and sales content. You can live stream a review of new products, show users’ reactions to your services. It is good if you take care of the first likes for all publications.